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Richard Crump of Bedford County, Virginia

I have recently been conducting research on the family of Richard Crump, who died in 1789 in Bedford County, Virginia. I believe him to be my direct ancestor, and I want to gather as complete a picture of his family as I can before attempting to see if I can discover his parentage.

Richard Crump died intestate in 1789 in Bedford County, Virginia. Neither his estate account nor his estate inventory provide the names of any of his children; all they do is provide the name of his wife: Susanna. Susanna is listed in several genealogies as Susanna Wilkinson, Wilkenson, or Wilkerson, a supposed daughter of a Thomas by the same last name, but this has not been proven. Likewise, Susanna's will does not divulge the names of any of her progeny with the exception of her son Fendall, whom she named the administrator of her estate. Records other than probate were then consulted in order to piece together the family.

The names of Richard and Susannah's earliest children can be gleamed from St. Peter's Parish Register in New Kent Count, Virginia ( Those records, along with marriage, tax, and chancery records, among others, were consulted in creating the following listed of children for Richard and Susanna Crump of Bedford County, VA:

1. Daniel Crump, b. 13 Aug 1754 - Some list him as a David Crump who supposedly married an Ann(e) Parke [sometimes listed as a Crump herself], but I have found no reason to believe that Richard's Daniel and this supposed David were one in the same. So as far as I am concerned, no further information on Daniel has been found.

2. Thomas Crump***, b. 5 Nov 1756 - m. Frances Taylor on 12 Feb 1785 in Cumberland County, VA

3. Lydall Crump, b. 28 Aug 1758 - Most Crump genealogies list him as Lydall Charles Crump. I have found no documentation or reason to believe that Lydall and Charles were the same person, so as far as I am concerned, no further information on Lydall has been found.

4. Elizabeth Crump, b. 10 Mar 1760 - m. William Campbell on 28 Feb 1785 in Bedford County, VA. Marriage record states she is a daughter of Richard.

5. Archelaus Crump, b. 13 Jan 1767 - Most Crump genealogies list him as George Archelaus Crump or Archelaus George Crump. I have found no documentation or reason to believe that Archelaus and George were the same person, so as far as I am concerned, no further information on Archelaus has been found.

6. Nancy Crump, b. about 1768 - m. John Guthrie on 29 Nov 1786 in Bedford County, VA. Marriage record states she is a daughter of Richard. An interesting narrative about the family of their son Charles who m. Margaret Dewitt, a granddaughter of Thomas Crump, can be found here:

7. George Crump, b. about 1770 - m. Mary Gray on 23 Jun 1791 in Bedford County, VA. William Gray, Surety. An 1827 Chancery court case between George's daughter Sarah Crump Bramblett and her mother, Mary Gray Crump, names Susanna as George's mother.

8. Charles Crump, b. about 1772 - m. Rhoda Gray on 25 Dec 1798 in Bedford County, VA. William Gray, Surety.

9.Susanna Crump, b. about 1788 - m. Joseph Ledbetter on 28 Mar 1808 in Bedford County, VA. Fendall Crump, Surety.

10. Mary W. Crump, b. about 1776 - m. Alexander Gray on 9 Dec 1792 in Bedford County, VA. Marriage record states she is a daughter of Susanna. Charles Crump, Surety.

11. Fendall Crump, b. about 1778 - m. Elizabeth Griffith on 17 Sep 1803 in Botetourt County, VA. Named the administrator of his mother Susanna's estate in her will.

12. Richard Walker Crump, b. about 1779 - m. Susanna Akers on 19 Oct 1813 in Montgomery County, VA. [She is listed as Susan Acres on marriage record.]

13. Frances Crump, b. about 1785 - m. James Boyd Dooley on 21 Oct 1805 in Bedford County, VA. Fendall Crump, Surety.

Other sources:

1. 1800 Tax List for Bedford County, VA:
Includes Susanna, Charles, Fendall, George, Thomas, and Walker

2. Buford v. Grayham, Crump, et. al. (Bedford County, VA Chancery Court Case:
Includes statements from Susanna Crump, widow of Richard, Elizabeth Crump Campbell, Nancy Crump Guthrie, and George Crump

Possible children:

Joshua Crump - Joshua Crump is listed on the 1790 tax roll of Bedford County. According to his pension application, he was residing in Bedford County throughout the Revolution. He migrated to Hart County, Kentucky in 1895 where he remained most of his life until migrating to Boone County, MO where he died in 1836. His pension mentions that he served as a substitute for a John P. Crump, who was from New Kent County, but other than that I have found no other indications of whom he may be connected to. His name is not found in the St. Peter's Parish register, though his pension states he was born in New Kent County. His pension states he was born in 1765 so it is plausible based on his age and geographic proximity that he could be a son of Richard and Susanna, there is no tangible proof other than geographic proximity in Bedford County. Most Crump genealogies attach him to John Crump (s/o William Crump and Mercy Saunders) and Martha Crump (d/o Joseph Crump and Cassandra Moore). If this is true, it would likely make Joshua a nephew of Richard rather than a son, as Richard was most likely a son of Joseph Crump and Cassandra Moore. However, I have found no definitive proof attaching him to John and Martha Crump either. (Pension:

Judah Crump - A Judah Crump was born to a Richard Crump on 29 Oct 1760 according to St. Peter's Parish Register. The entry does not state who the mother was, and there was more than one Richard in the area at the time. Additionally, this Judah would have been born only seven and a half months after Elizabeth Crump, which makes it unlikely that she belonged to this Richard. Judah is listed as Richard's child in a number of Crump genealogies, but it seems unlikely to me that she fits here, though it is within the realm of possibility.

***It should be noted that there were two Thomas Crump's living in Bedford County in the 1780's and 1790's. A Thomas Crump who as far as I can tell has not been placed in any Crump families married a Pamelia Thorpe on 26 Feb 1787 in Campbell County, VA. Based on his marriage in Campbell County, he is most likely the Thomas Crump who paid taxes there in 1791. (Although he is mentioned in some Bedford County Chancery Court records in 1790 in court cases related to the Thorp family, it is not stated in those records specifically where he is residing.) He died circa 1798 leaving a daughter, Elizabeth Calloway Crump. His widow Pamelia remarried to Arthur Mosely on May 10, 1799. Elizabeth married Arthur's son, John Mosely, on July 2nd, 1803 with the permission of John Trigg, a relative of Nancy Trigg who was the first wife of Arthur Mosely. More on the Mosely family can be found here: As stated, it is unknown where this Thomas Crump fits into the expansive Crump family tree, but he was not a son of Richard of Bedford County. He has been ruled out as being Richard's son primarily because Thomas's close geographic association with Nancy Crump Guthrie (they both moved from Bedford County, Virginia to Washington and Mercer Counties, Kentucky) and the multiple marriages between their respective descendants. (One of Thomas's sons married one of Nancy's daughters, and one of Nancy's sons married one of Thomas's granddaughters.) I did find more than one online genealogy somehow claiming that this Thomas died in 1798...and then "magically" was still living, married to Frances Taylor, and then died in Washington County, Kentucky. 

It should be further noted that the Thomas Crump, son of Richard and Susanna, has also been confused with a Thomas Crump of King William and Chesterfield Counties. ( There is no documentation that shows any sort of relationship between this Thomas Crump and the Crump's of Bedford County.

Grandchildren of Richard and Susanna Crump:

[Note: This will not be a complete list, but rather a compilation of information I have collected in my search for children of Richard and Susanna. This will not include Dooley, Ledbetter, Gray, Guthrie, or Campbell grandchildren, only those with the surname Crump.]

2. Thomas Crump m. Frances Taylor on 12 Feb 1785 in Cumberland County, VA. He died 5 Jan 1833 in Washington County, KY (Source, his Revolutionary Pension file: Their known children were:

A. Daniel Crump - Named as his son in pension file - b. 1788 in Virginia, d. 15 Nov 1858 in Jackson County, MO. m1. Elizabeth Fisher. m2. Jane Cox. Buried with both of his wives and his children Lucy Ann, Samuel T., Sophia [Montogmery], Susannah [Little], and Elizabeth [Fisher].

B. Mary "Polly" Crump - Named as daughter in pension file - b. 1802 in Virginia; d. 28 Sep 1863 in Pike County, IL. m. Ira Briscoe.

C. Margaret P. Crump - Consent of her father, Thomas, given at time of marriage - b. about 1792 in Virginia, d. before 1820 in Kentucky. m. Elisha Dewitt on 5 May 1808 in Bedford County, VA. Her daughter, Frances, was raised by Thomas and married her mother's 1st cousin, Charles Guthrie, s/o Nancy Crump Guthrie.

D. Sophia Crump - Listed as daughter of Thomas on marriage record - m. Jacob Booker on 26 Dec 1808 in Bedford County, VA. Brother Daniel listed as surety.

E. Richard Walker Crump - m. Elizabeth Guthrie on 27 May 1824 in Mercer County, KY. Elizabeth was Richard's 1st cousin, d/o Nancy Crump Guthrie. He was born 29 May 1800 in Virginia and died 17 Feb 1872, according to his headstone, in Linn County, Missouri.

Possible child: Rebecca "Becky" Crump - I find her listed as a child of Thomas and Frances in several online genealogies, but have found no documentation to show her existence. I have not seen anyone list a spouse for her, and most just say that she died before 1827. If proof of her existence comes to light, I will add her as a child of Thomas, but until then, I am only listing her as a potential child.

7. George Crump - m. Mary Gray on 23 Jun 1791 in Bedford County, VA. Three Crump siblings married three Gray siblings; George's sister Mary married Alexander Gray, and his brother Charles married Rhoda Gray. George's widow Mary is listed as the head of household in the 1820 Census in Bedford County, so George died prior to 1820. An 1827 Chancery Court case where George's daughter Sarah Crump is disputing a portion of her father's divided estate, centered around a slave who had given birth to two additional children, that slave apparently having originally been given to George from the estate of his mother Susanna Crump, widow of Richard. The case named all of George's living heirs as defendants.

A. Sarah "Sally" Crump - m. Jesse A. Bramblett on 18 Dec 1820 in Bedford County, VA. Burkett Gray, surety. Born about 1794 in Bedford County, Virginia.

B. Susanna Crump - Often listed as "Susan E" and "Susan W" in family trees. These trees state she died in Arkansas in 1852, but they offer no sources nor do they name a spouse.

C. John Gray Crump - m. Elizabeth Watkins on 30 Apr 1827 in Jefferson County, Tennessee. Aforementioned 1827 Chancery Court case confirms that neither John nor his brother Abner were residing in Virginia at the time of the court case and were unable to represent thesmselves. John was born 13 Dec 1796 in Bedford County, Virginia and died 13 Aug 1891 in Boone County, Arkansas, according to his headstone.

D. Rhoda Crump - No information found other than mention in 1827 Chancery case.

E. William W. Crump - m. Susanna "Susan" Jourdan/Jordan on 18 Sep 1823 in Bedford County, VA. Born 1800 in Bedford County, VA. Died in 1875 in Monroe County, MO at the age of 75, according to son's biographical sketch: Some online trees give his date of birth as 4 Dec 1800, but they do not provide the source of this date. Is in Monroe County for 1860 Census.

F. Abner Crump - Born about 1802 in Bedford County, Virginia. (Age given in 1850 Census). He is listed as an attorney in the 1850 Census, as is his brother John. Abner was also a census-taker for Harlan County in 1850.

G. Beverly Crump - m. Frances Gray on 26 Jan 1835 in Bedford County, VA. Born about 1804 in Bedford County, Virginia. Age from 1850 Census in Bedford County, VA.

Note: Many include a Nancy or Nancy Ann Crump as a child of George, or more precisely, a sister of John Gray Crump. This is because she and her husband Henry Shackleford married in Harlan County, Kentucky on 1 Apr 1801. Because both John Gray Crump and Abner Crump lived in Harlan County later on, people assumed the two to be siblings. However, Census records show that she was born in North Carolina (or Kentucky in some) about 1784, making her closer to the age of a sister of George than a daughter.

8. Charles Crump - m. Rhoda Gray on 25 Dec 1798 in Bedford County, VA. Charles's widow is listed as the head of household in the 1820 Census in Bedford County, so Charles died prior to 1820. Unfortunately, I have not been able to identify solid resources for identifying the children of Charles Crump, so we are left with logical deduction. There are only a few Crumps of Bedford County left, and as they don't appear to fit elsewhere, it appears being listed as the children of Charles is the last place for them. Fendall P., Charles G., and Wilkerson are clearly connected to one another;

A. Fendall P. Crump - d. about 1835 in Washington County, Missouri. He m. Martha Wingo on 15 Oct 1834 in Washington County, Missouri; she remarried to Harvey Sitton in 1837. They had one son, Fendall P. Crump born 22 Dec 1835 who died in 1917 and is buried in Crawford County, MO. This Fendall P. has been listed as a son of Fendall who d. 1823 on many trees, but I have not seen proof that the two were connected; he is not listed as a child of Fendall d. 1823 in Williamson County, TN guardianship records. The administrator of this Fendall's estate, according to this index:, was Charles G. Crump, which seems to place him with this family.

B. Mary "Polly" G. Crump - m. John O. Hopkins on 18 Oct 1832 in Bedford County, VA. b. about 1809 in Bedford County, VA. In the census, she is found in Bedford in 1850, Montgomery in 1860, Bedford twice in 1870, and Bedford in 1880.

C. Wilkerson Crump - m. Elizabeth Cofer on 24 Jan 1829 in Bedford County, VA; surety, John C. Gray. Born about 1803 in Bedford County, VA. Wilkerson moved to Monroe County, MO, where his cousin William W. Crump migrated to. He can be found there in the 1850, 1860, and 1870 Censuses. He and his brother Charles are both cited in Missouri's Union Provost Marshal Papers:

D. Charles G. Crump - b. about 1812 in Bedford County, VA. Named administrator of Fendall P. Crump's estate in Washington County, MO in 1835. Living with cousin Alfred Dooley, s/o Frances Crump, in 1850 in Lincoln County, TN. Living in Monroe County, MO in 1860 near his brother Wilkerson. His Oath of Allegiance to the Union can be found in Missour's Union Provost Marshal Papers.

11. Fendall Crump - m. first Elizabeth Griffith on 17 Sep 1803 in Botetourt County, VA. He m. second Martha Pope on 15 Apr 1815 in Williamson County, TN. Appears in 1820 Census in Williamson County, Tennessee. Fendall died intestate in 1823 according to the inventory of his estate. Guardian Records of Williamson County, Tennessee 1799-1832 names his surviving children: Charles C., Hannah, John C./O., Richard W., Sarah Ann W., and Seaton M.

A. Dr. Richard W. Crump - b. 9 Oct 1809 in Bedford County, Virginia, d. 15 Jul 1857 in McNairy County, TN, according to headstone. Obituary can be found here: Married Elizabeth Steadman.

B. Dr. Charles Cary Crump - b. 18 Nov 1817/8 in Tennessee, d. 7 Aug 1882 in Williamson County, Tennessee, according to a biographical sketch in "Reminiscences of the Early Settlement and Early Settlers of McNairy County, Tennessee". Obit: Married first to Elizabeth Wright, second to Louise Ann Figures/Figuers Bailey on 17 Jun 1858 in Maury County, TN.

C. Hannah Crump - m. William H. Slaughter on 12 Oct 1825 in Williamson County, TN. She and her husband were named guardians of her brother Richard when their father died.

D. John O. Crump - m. Elizabeth Stanley on 24 Dec 1837 in Williamson County, TN; she died 7 Oct 1839 in Wayne County, TN. m. second Mary TennesseeKinnard/Kennard on 3 Jun 1841 in Williamson County, TN. Listed as John C. in early guardian records where Lemuel Pope was appointed his guardian, but is listed as John O. in all other records, including his obituary, marriage record, guardian records where he is appointed as a guardian, probate records involving his wife and children, records where he acts as bondsman, and more. He died 11 Sep 1849 in Williamson County, TN according to "The Western Weekly Review" out of Franklin TN:

E. Sarah Ann W. Crump - m. William M. Nolen on 24 Nov 1840 in Williamson County, TN.

F. Seaton M. Crump - According to online trees, he married a Martha Ellen Oates. No documentation of this marriage has been found. He is found in the 1860, 1870, and 1880 Censuses in Arkansas County, Arkansas, married to a Maria[h] and has two sons, David O. and Samuel.

12. Richard Walker Crump - m. Susanna Akers on 19 Oct 1813 in Montgomery County, VA. [She is listed as Susan Acres on the marriage record.] He is listed as Walker on the marriage record, as he is in the 1800 Bedford County tax list. In the 1820 Census, he is listed as Richard W. while still residing in Montgomery County. Virginia. After the death of Susanna's brother, Claybourne, Richard was named the guardian of his children ( By 1830, he had migrated to Shelby County, Tennessee, where he is listed as "R. W. Crump" on the Census record. We can be sure it is the same Richard Walker from Montgomery County, Virginia because of a petition he wrote in 1832 in Shelby County asking for land compensation after his wife Susanna gave birth to triplets. (

It is unknown what became of Richard after 1832. Neither he, nor his wife, nor his triplets are found in subsequent census records.

A. Mark C. Crump - b. 1832 in Shelby County, Tennessee

B. George W. Crump - b. 1832 in Shelby County, Tennessee

C. Esalilles Crump - b. 1832 in Shelby County, Tennessee

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