Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Genealogy Books/Look-ups

I was sorting through my genealogy book collection today, putting some away that I don't use very often, and decided I should make a list of the books I have so if anyone else is looking for these books and would like an a quick, easy look-up, I could provide that to them. I don't have an exceedingly large collection by any means, but I have some pretty solid reference books that have assisted me many times in my genealogy research and which may help others.

If someone comes across this post through searching online for a certain book and would like me to perform a look-up for them, please contact me.

These are in no particular order, just the order they are in on my shelf. Besides what is listed, I also have solid collections of books on Arkansas Civil War battles, Stand Watie and Cherokee Indians during the Civil War, the Dalton gang, and Kentucky feuds.

1. "The 9th Missouri Infantry C.S.A. & The 12th Missouri Infantry" by Jerr Ponder. 1996 - Ponder Books
2. "Pioneers of Eastern Kentucky, Their Feuds & Settlements" by Bernice Calmes Caudill. 1969 - Self-published
3. "Dr. Patrick Napier of Virginia and Related Families" by Vava Knepp. 1988 - Self-published
4. "Venne In America" by Udo Thorner. 2008 - Arbeitskreis Familienforschung Osnabruck e.V.
5. "Jacob Wolf - The Mansion & the Man" - by Bill D. Blevins. 1982 - Twin Lakes Printing and Publishing Co.
6. "Perry County, Kentucky - A History" Compiled by Eunice Tolbert Johnson. Written and Published by Hazard, kentucky Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution
7. "Early Osbornes & Alleys" by Rita K. Sutton. 1978 - Historical Society of Southwest Virginia
8. "Clay County Family Roots & Beyond - Vols. 5A and 5B (Jacob and Mary Eversole)" by James E. Welch Sr. Welch Books.
9. "History of the Thirty-first Arkansas Confederate Infantry" by Ronald R. Bass. 1996 - Arkansas Research
10. "History of the Twenty-seventh Arkansas Confederate Infantry" by Silas C. Turnbo, edited by Desmond Walls Allen. 1993 - Arkansas Research
11. "The Fourteenth Arkansas Confederate Infantry" by Desmond Walls Allen. 1988 - Arkansas Research
12. "Andrew Meade of Ireland & Virginia" by Patrick Hamilton Baskerville. 1921 - Old Dominion Press
13. "Early Charles County Maryland Settlers 1658-1745" by Marlene Strawser Bates and F. Edward Wright. 1995 - Family Line Publications
14. "The Centenary of Catholicity in Kentucky" by Hon. Ben J. Webb. 1884 - McDowell Publications
15. "Legends of Loudoun Valley" by Joseph V. Nichols. 1961 - Self-published
16. "History of Baxter County - Centennial Edition 1873-1973" by Mary Ann Messick. 1973 - Mountain Home Chamber of Commerce
17. "Grayson County: A History in Words and Pictures" Compiled and edited by Bettye-Lou Fields, 1976 - Grayson County Historical Society
18. "Gathering Leaves" by D.M. DeBacker. 2008 - Self-published
19. "Mills, Frazier, and Allied Families" by Margaret Mills Frazier. 1979 - Self-published
20. "In The Saddle With The Texans: Day-By-Day With Parson's Cavalry Brigade, 1862-1865" Edited by Anne J. Bailey. 2004 - McWhiney Foundation Press
21. "Between the Enemy and Texas: Parsons's Texas Cavalry in the Civil War" by Anne J. Bailey. 1989 - Texas Christian University Press
22. "Our Kin - The Jeter Family of Virginia" by Mary Denham Ackerly and Lula Eastman Jeter Parker.
23. "The Eversole Families In America - 1727-1937" Compiled by Reverend Charles E. Ebersol. 1937 - Franklin Dekleine Co.
24. "Williford and Allied Families" by William Bailey Williford. 1961 - Self-published
25. "The Joseph Hunter and Related Families" by Stephen, Ben, and Mary Amanda Medley Hunter. Edited by Felix Eugene Snider. 1959 - Ramfre Press
26. "The Wilford-Williford Family Treks Into America, Part 1" by Eurie Pearl Wilford Neel. 1959 - Self-published
27. "The Ancestors and Descendants of Samuel Jones and Celia Creech of Mouth of Wilson, Grayson County, Virginia" Compiled by Scott C. Jones. 1998 - Self-published
28. "John Templeton of Iredell Co., N.C. and Related Families of Handly, Marks, Folk, Pilcher, Colyar, Bate, and Beall" by Jay Norwalk. 1997 - Self-published
29. "The Shackelford Family - Its English and American Origins, And Some of Its Branches" 0 by Robert B. Shackelford. 1940 - Self-published
30. "Reverend John Marks 1716-1788 - His Descendants & Relating Families" Complied by Doris "Mickey" Hoover Colombatto. 1997 - Self-published
31. "The Ancestors and Descendants of Jacob Wilhoit, 1751 - 1821" Compiled by Jacob William Wilhoite, Sr. and Delle Faye Wilhoite. 1991 - Self-published
32. "The Ancestors and Descendants of Jacob Wilhoit, 1751 - 1831 - Volume II" Compiled by Jacob William Wilhoite, Sr. and Della Faye Wilhoute. 2001 - Self-published
33. "Tidewater Virginia Families" by Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis. 1989 - Genealogical Publishing Company
34. "The Jeter Mosaic - Seven Centuries In the History of a Family" by Grata Jeter Clark. 1987 - Arcadia-Clark, Inc.
35. "The Descendants of Michael Holt" by Mrs. Arch Bruce Marshall (Maudie Marie Holt). 1967 - Self-published
36. "Bonham - 1631-1908" by Dr. Emmet L. Smith. Self-published.
37. "Origins of Clements-Spalding and Allied Families of Maryland and Kentucky" by J.W.S. Clements. 1928 - Self-published
38. "Genealogy and Some Descendants of Edward Fuller of the Mayflower" by William Hyslop Fuller. 1908 - Self-published
39. "Taylor, Hager, and Related Families" by Clara Sesler Genther. 1984 - Self-published
40. "Soaking the Yule Log - Biographical Sketches of the Brown, Cheshier, Sain, and Allied Families 1749 - 1995" by Katie Brown Bennett. 1995 - The Anundsen Publishing Company
41. "Richard Fancher (1700-1764) of Morris County, New Jersey - Richard Fancher's Descendants 1764-1992 - Fancher-Fansher-Fanchier-Fanshier" by Paul Buford Fancher. 1993 - Self-published
42. "The Powell Families of Virginia and the South" by Reverend Silas Emmett Lucas Jr. 1977 - Self-published
43. "The Colonial Riley Families of the Tidewater Frontier, Vols. I & II" by Robert Shean Riley. 1999 - Gregath Publishing Co.
44. "Imprints: 1608-1980 Hamilton, Allied Families" by Sister Mary Louise Donnelly. 1980 - Self-published

You'll find my e-mail address on the right of this page under my "About Me". Please try to make look-up requests as specific as possible.

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  1. Hi! I'm looking for information on Lawson Riley (1798-1829). I found this source for him. Can you look the info up for me? Thanks! (Lawson is noted in letters from John Wilson Jr., clerk in the Harrison County Courthouse, concerning Jesse Sr. pay and patent for service in War of 1812. Source: Type: Secondary; “The Colonial Riley Families of the Tidewater Frontier Volume 2” by Robert Shean Riley , pages K28-K29.)