Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gardner, Polk, and Asa Holmes

Tonight I found an 86th man to add to my Civil War grandfather/uncle list: James Polk Holmes. Earlier today, I happened to receive some more information on his brother, Gardner Holmes, as well.

I was organizing my data on Absalom "Asa" Holmes, my 4th great grandfather, and when I put together my information on his son, James, I found him linked to a Confederate Pension application. According to the application, he was a member of McGehee's Arkansas Cavalry (CON), and I did find one service record for him as a part of that unit, which was a muster roll of his parole at the end of the war.

Also, earlier today I received a copy of the History of the Thirty-first Arkansas Confederate Infantry by Ronald R. Bass, which I ordered through Arkansas Research. It made 2 mentions of Gardner ("Garner") Holmes, another son of Asa Holmes, who died from wounds received at the Battle of Richmond (KY). It goes into some detail about the battle and lists Gardner among casualties.

Finally, while doing some random Googling a few nights ago, I came across what was labelled as a picture of Absalom "Asa" Holmes. I have tried to reach the website's owner to receive verification of its authenticity, but I haven't heard anything back. I will post it below.

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